THALES+DODO LP Rewards Guide

A detailed guide on how to provide liquidity in the THALES/ETH pool on DODO and earn dual THALES+DODO rewards
On 16th September, after a successful DODO Crowdpooling event for the THALES token, an incentivized THALES/ETH liquidity pool was launched on the DODO platform.
The pool emits 50,000 THALES and 15,000 DODO tokens weekly as rewards for a total duration of 20 weeks.
The following is a detailed guide on how to provide THALES/ETH liquidity on DODO, stake LP tokens and claim THALES+DODO rewards.

Step 1: Navigate to the THALES/ETH liquidity pool page on DODO platform

You can navigate to the official THALES/ETH liquidity pool page by using the direct link:
and by clicking on the Edit Liquiditybutton
Position of Edit Liquidity button
Or by entering the Liquidity page on DODO via the DODO front page, under the Earn drop down menu, and finding the official THALES/ETH pool.
Location of Liquidity page
After locating the official THALES/ETH pool, click on the small + button on the bottom right to open the Add Liquidity page.
Location of the + button

Step 2: Provide liquidity to the THALES/ETH pool

After opening the THALES/ETH pool page, you can see two input fields where you need to input the amount of tokens you are trying to add as liquidity. When you input in one of the fields, the other one auto-fills.
After inputting the desired amount of tokens you want to provide, you need to Approve THALES tokens before you are able to deposit.
Click on Approve and confirm the transaction.
Position of Approve button
After the approval is confirmed, you should be able to see the Add Liquidity button turn from grey to yellow, which signalizes you can finally Add Liquidity.
After inputting the desired amount of tokens you wish to provide liquidity with, click on Add Liquidity button and confirm the transaction.
Position of Add Liquidity button
After your transaction is confirmed, you should be able to see the DLP tokens in your wallet. DLP tokens represent your THALES/ETH LP position on DODO.

Step 3: Navigate to the Mining page

To start accruing THALES+DODO dual LP rewards, you need to stake your DLP tokens to the THALES/ETH Mining contract on the DODO Mining page.
To navigate to the DODO Mining page, use this direct link:
or navigate to it with the Mining button located on top of the DODO front page, under the Earn drop down menu.
Position of the Mining button on the DODO front page
After navigating to the Mining page, you should be able to find the THALES/ETH mining pool among all the other active mining pools.
THALES/ETH mining pool position
If you are unable to locate the THALES/ETH mining pool, you can copy this address to the Mining page search bar:
This will isolate the THALES/ETH Mining pool so it is the only one visible.

Step 4: Stake your DLP tokens

Click on the Stake button, on the bottom of the THALES/ETH Mining pool card.
After clicking on Stake, you should see a popup where you are able to input the amount of DLP tokens you wish to stake.
After inputting the amount and approving, grey Stake button should now become yellow , and then click on it and confirm the transaction.
After the Stake transaction is confirmed, you should be able to see your rewards accruing.

Step 5: Claim THALES+DODO rewards

When the rewards start accruing, you can notice that a small Claim button appears on the bottom left corner of the THALES/ETH mining pool card.
After you click this button, a popup will appear showing your unclaimed rewards with a button called One-Click Claim.
After pressing this button and confirming the transaction, you will claim both THALES and DODO rewards that will appear in your wallet.