Guide for Thales' first Trading Competition

All you need to know about Thales' first Trading competition and how to participate

Cheat sheet:

You can potentially have a top 20 spot on Total Profit leaderboard and a top 20 spot on Percentage Gain leaderboard at the same time and get double rewards.

A comprehensive Guide on how to register and participate

Step 1: Navigate to the Leaderboard page and register via Twitter

To navigate to the Leaderboard page use this direct link:
Or use the sidebar on the Thales main dapp and click on the Leaderboard button:
Position of the Leaderboard button
After you are on the Leaderboard page, connect your wallet and you should see a Verify button appear on the right side of the page.
Position of the verify button
After you click on the Verify button, you will be routed to Twitter and you will get prompted to tweet out a registering tweet containing an Ethereum address you are trying to register for the competition. After you share the registering tweet, your name should soon be visible on the competition Leaderboard.
DISCLAIMER: Your Twitter account needs to be AT LEAST 3 months old to be eligible for the competition.

Step 2: Navigating to competition markets

To navigate to the Competition Markets overview, you can use the following link:
You can also navigate to Competition Markets overview using a Trading Competition filter button on the Thales dapp main page. After you click on that filter, all of the competition markets will be visible in the Markets Overview table, on the bottom of the dapp main page.
Position of Trading Competition filter button
Market overview of competition markets
The list of markets eligible for this competition are also listed in the Cheat sheet: section of this document.

Step 3: Trading on the Competition Markets and climbing the leaderboard

If you are new to Thales and want to learn how to trade the Competition Markets and participate in the competition, we suggest you visit our:
To navigate to the Competition Leaderboard you can use the following link:
Position of sorting buttons on the Leaderboard
There are five different statistics that the leaderboard is following. You can sort the competition participants by those metrics using the sorting buttons highlighted in the snapshot above:
  1. 1.
    TRADES - Total number of filled orders by trader so far
  2. 2.
    VOLUME - Total amount of volume traded by trader so far
  3. 3.
    INVESTMENT - Total amount of sUSD deposited in Competition Markets
  4. 4.
    NETPROFIT - Total amount of profit, denominated in sUSD
  5. 5.
    GAIN - Return of investment
NETPROFIT and GAIN are the two main metrics that determine winners of the competition!
Profit is only calculated on the matured markets!
Total rewards for this competition are divided across two categories:
  • Top 20 in Total Profit (in sUSD): Top 20 traders who profit the most sUSD from the Competition Markets.
  • Top 20 in Percentage Gain (in %): Top 20 traders who get the best return proportionate to their investment in the Competition Markets
You can see how the THALES, SNX and ZRX rewards are split across the Top 20 participants for both categories, below:
Rewards table

That should be all the relevant information you need to start competing in Thales' first Trading Competition!

Good luck champion!