Exercising guide

A guide for exercising Binary options tokens on the Thales marketplace

The term "to exercise Binary options" means to convert your winning sLONG or sSHORT tokens to sUSD in a 1:1 ratio during the maturity phase of the specific market.

Step 1: Navigate to a maturing market from which you want to exercise your options tokens

After launching the Thales dapp and connecting your wallet, you can access the maturing market you are looking for in several ways. The quickest ways are:
  • By going to the Markets overview section of the dapp front page and by filtering the results by clicking the My Assets filter button and the Maturity filter button. After that, you should be able to see all the maturing markets from which you hold options tokens.
Locations of the My Assets filter button and the Maturity filter button
  • By clicking on your wallet on the top right of the dapp front page and after the wallet pop-up opens, you find it in the My Markets page.
Location of the My Markets menu in the wallet pop-up

Step 2: Exercise your options tokens

After you navigated to your maturing market of choice, on the top part you can find the dashboard and the customize view button and below them the main Exercise options module.
On the Exercise options module you can see in order:
  • what type of options tokens are available for you to exercise
  • what is your Payout amount in sUSD
  • how much time do you have left until expiration to exercise your options tokens
  • current Network fee (gas) price the exercise transaction will cost you, denominated to $
    • If you wish to modify the gas price, you can do so by clicking on the Gas price (gwei) drop-down menu. You can choose between average, fast, and fastest (pulled from or you can manually input your own custom gas price in the Custom input field.
  • The Exercise options button
After clicking the Exercise options button, you should get a request from your wallet to confirm the transaction. After the transaction is confirmed, all the options tokens you own from that market get burned and the sUSD quoted in the Payout amount field will get deposited into your wallet from the market contract.
Below the Exercise options module, you can find: