Airdrop claiming guide

A guide on how to claim THALES Retroactive Airdrop
2% of THALES tokens or 2,000,000 will be airdropped to anyone who has ever staked SNX for at least one snapshot and claimed rewards at least once before the snapshot, that happened on 6th of September 10am UTC.
This includes:
  • L1 stakers
  • L2 stakers
  • xSNX stakers
  • Yearn vault stakers
  • Every address who made a trade or minted in any market on Thales before the snapshot
  • Every Thales’ POAP holder until snapshot
List of all eligible wallets for the retroactive airdrop:

Claiming guide

Step 1: Navigating to the "THALES" token page

First step is to navigate to the "THALES" token page of the Thales dapp.
You can do it by using the sidebar on the left side of the front page:
or by using this link:

Step 2: Connecting your eligible wallet to Thales dapp

Connect your wallet that is eligible for the airdrop to the Thales dapp.
Location of Connect Wallet button
Under the Retro Airdrop section, after connecting your eligible wallet, you should be able to see your Airdropped amount showing 137 THALES waiting for you to claim.
If your Airdropped amount is showing 0 THALES, it is most likely that you connected a wallet that is not eligible for the airdrop. Please double check and make sure that your connected wallet is eligible.

Step 3: Solving the quiz

To be able to claim the airdrop, you have to solve a simple and easy quiz about the Thales protocol.
On the bottom of the Retro Airdrop section there is a Start Quiz button.
Location of the Start Quiz button
After you click on it, a pop-out quiz page will open.
Quiz pop-out page
There are 3 pages of questions. After you correctly solved the first page, only then you are allowed to go to the next one.
After you have successfully solved all 3 pages, you can click on the Submit Answers.
After submitting answers, you will notice that the Start Quiz button has been replaced with Claim 137 THALES button.

Step 4: Claim THALES

Final step is to click on the Claim 137 THALES button, confirm the transaction and 137 THALES tokens will get deposited into your wallet.